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OEN Series

Seria OEN

The systems of the OEN-series were specially designed for the extraction of oil and emulsion mist. They are used wherever there is a need for extraction at industrial baths or in the metalworking industry. Depending on the application, you can use various filter configurations that allow for extraction of pure oil/emulsion mist or a combined extraction with particles.

Metalworking with oil/emulsion mist (drilling, milling, lathing, eroding, etc.).Industrial baths.Work processes with a high aerosol content in the process air.OEN 150 / OEN 155 for individual workstation extraction, OEN 710 for multi-workstation extraction.

  • Various filter configurations, depending on the application
  • Simple filter replacement
  • Collection tank can be easily emptied
  • Powerful electronic.

A flexible hose is used to transport the contaminated air into the filter unit. There the contaminant particles and aerosol particulates (depend-ing on the application) are filtered out according to their size by means of a multi-level saturation filter system (medium/high particle content) or a special filter cartridge (no/low particle content). 

The separated oil/emul-sion mist can be easily disposed of via the collection tank.* The standard particle filter allows you to then circulate the cleaned air back into the work area. Recirculating the air is an easy way to reduce energy costs.

* (OEN 150/155) or drained via the drain valve (OEN 710)

You can choose from various filter configurations in the OEN-series, de-pending on the application. Special filter cartridges are used in appli-cations with pure oil/emulsion mist without particles or with a very low particle content.

These ensure an extremely long service life and very effective separation even for large amounts of liquid: the OEN 155. Alu-minium mesh and saturation filters are used in applications with a lower oil/emulsion mist content and a medium particle content in the contami-nated air.

These ensure effective separation of the liquid combined with optimised particle separation: the OEN 150 / OEN 710.Both systems are equipped with a particle filter (H13) that allows the air to be safely recirculated into the work area.

You can install an optional molecular sieve (activated carbon/BAC) downstream, which will remove the majority of the gaseous contaminants.

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