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About Us

The history of Quedex dates back to 1993. However, as early as in 1986 part of our team already worked under a different name in the electronics and programming branch and performed specialised work, including the programming of industry-type 8051 series microcontrollers as well as other controllers based on different computer systems. 

Even today we take pride in the time of the past, when we used to program computers such as the famous C-64, next Amiga, Apple and Atari ST in the years 1987-1997 and finally controllers basing on Motorola 68xx chips. 

Nearly 100% of the software developed by our team was created in assembler. One of our noteworthy achievements was a real-time operating system MQ-DOS, meant for Motorola 68000 processors, which came into being in 1994 and up to now is still successfully used by many of our customers. Later on we used MQ-DOS to develop a solely machine code data base.

Our team, expert in programming, 3D design, electronics, trade and management has always had a fascination for modern technology and its applications in various areas of life. In 1995 Quedex became a trade and service business.

From the very beginning we have been active in the sales of goods as well as CAD/CAM/3D design, provided professional technical service and highly specialised assistance to TV studios. 

Quedex was also one of the Poland’s first professional animation studios working for the TV and one of the first companies active and proficient in the field of modern technology. Currently we are one of the most dynamic businesses in the branch of laser marking and welding, engraving, subtractive rapid prototyping, mechanical and laser 3D scanners, professional CAD/CAM/3D software and specialised video editing systems.

We maintain a close cooperation with many well-known software developers and system integration equipment providers from around the globe, including Autodesk, discreet, Alias, Digital Workshop, Intelli Korea, Picasoft , Robert Mc Neel & Associates, Cambridge Animation Systems, Adobe, Delcam, Intel, Maxtor, Newtek, ArtVps, ATS Informatica Grafica, Cebas, Chaos Group, Digimation, Macromedia, Master Solutions, LuxxTechnik, Model Master, RealViz, SplutterFish, TechSmith, RSI (laser scanning systems), Virtools to name a few. Within the scope of specialized 3D applications, 3D scanning, video, non-linear editing, keying, viewing and recording, we are the exclusive distributor of a number of world-renowned companies, such as Roland, Immersion Corporation, Newtek, Ralsoft, Advanced Rendering Technology. In the past we have been awarded the following titles and certificates: Autodesk Product Support Certificate, Alias Premier Reseller, Discreet Best Reseller in 2001 and in 2004. 

Furthermore we have authored many books on 3D design as well as user guides published in specialist magazines. Quedex has carried out training courses and supplied equipment to the largest – world-famous – film studios and TV stations.

Our team includes also teachers, translators and lecturers. We have a very interesting portfolio, which comprises practical use of the software we distribute – multimedia presentations of products and systems both for our own and our customers’ purposes.

In the areas of prototyping and scanning, we supply advanced mechanical and laser technology devices. In this scope, we are the exclusive Polish distributor of Roland, Immersion Corporation and Picasoft products and a distributor of Robert Mc Neel & Associates. 

We provide our customers with advanced equipment, professional training courses and, as the exclusive Necumer distributor, high quality rapid prototyping materials.

We also specialise in 3D scanning and reverse prototyping, offering a wide range of scanners and digitizers. Equipment for the milling and engraving industry includes Roland mechanical engraving machines, CO2 laser systems by Laser Tools & Technics and Ytterbium and YAG laser systems by TELESIS. 

We provide advanced engraving training courses and technical support services to the biggest companies in Poland and we pride ourselves on having invented and patented several new technologies for both laser and mechanical engravers. 

We provide high-skilled technical support for all of the products within the scope of our supply, including laser and galvanoscanning devices – as an authorised Roland DG service centre.

In 2007, in cooperation with our partners, we started a new branch related to thermal imaging systems. We are not only interested in the technology but are also very concerned with the natural environment. 

Thus we place great emphasis on the use of exhaust filtering systems both when it comes to our own company and that of our customers’. Quedex is a very flexible and dynamic company. 

In spite of a large territory of activity, which comprises Poland, England, Russia, Taiwan, Germany, Spain, Denmark, France, Hungary, Holland, Italia, Japan, USA, Korea and China, we still remain a small, well-integrated team open to novelties and ready to face new challenges.

In 2008, Quedex was taken over by Quedex Sp. z o.o. and its subsidiaries. It was the move that augmented the company’s position in the CNC market (which includes lathes, milling machines and lasers) and blended the portfolios of both companies by adding another product segment (dust extraction, adsorption and filtration systems).

The Quedex is currently owned by Quedex Sp. z o.o., and all its customer service operations are continued with no interruption. Quedex is currently leader in the business of manufacture and distribution of polyurethane processing machines and laser extraction systems.

Our company is constantly on the lookout for new business partners around the world and any prospective cooperation is most welcome.

We offer the highest technical service standards, as evidenced by written customer references from around the world. In keeping with the policy of Quedex Sp. z o.o., we offer top-quality representative services for our business partners in Poland and around Europe, but only as the exclusive distributor of their products.

We are looking forward to partnering with you! TBH Polska Sp. z o.o.