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Wintermann 100 Pro Wintermann 100 Pro
Brand: Wintermann Model: Wintermann 100 Pro
Wintermann® 100 Pro is a small, compact system designed for work both on the production hall and in the field.Wintermann® 100 Pro - is the smallest PUR foam reactor.  In contrast to multifunctional models, this device is intended for foam injection.Wintermann® 100 Pro carries out works..
19,750.00 zł
Wintermann 1200 Pro Wintermann 1200 Pro
Brand: Wintermann Model: Wintermann 1200 Pro
Polyurea reactorWintermann® 1200 Pro is a large, state-of-the-art hydraulic machine used, among other applications, for spraying polyurea coatings, polyurea hybrids and polyurethane foams. Quality and priceStrength, high pressure, massive heating capacity and a hydraulic pump co..
64,150.00 zł
Wintermann 200 Pro Wintermann 200 Pro Hot 2-3 Days
Brand: Wintermann Model: Wintermann 200 Pro
Wintermann 200 - foaming system:Wintermann 200 Pro is a popular, state-of-the-art, inexpensive and compact spraying system for polyurethane foam. The system is equipped with lightweight heating hoses, recirculation system, a mini-transformer, and a small handy spray gun. Wintermann 200 ..
32,150.00 zł
Wintermann 350 Pro Wintermann 350 Pro
Brand: Wintermann Model: Wintermann 350 Pro
The system for foaming and sprayingWintermann®  350 Pro is a small, state-of-the-art, inexpensive system for spraying polyurethane foam. Equipped with lightweight heating hoses, recirculation system, lubrication module and a small, modern, handy spray gun.Wintermann®  350 Pro is an..
40,150.00 zł
Wintermann 400 VDR Pro Wintermann 400 VDR Pro
Brand: Wintermann Model: Wintermann 400 VDR Pro
Modern, affordable and multi-functionalWintermann® 400 VDR Pro is a modern, affordable and multi-functional system for spraying, pouring, injecting and dosing of PUR foams. The machine is fitted with lightweight heating hoses, a recirculation system, as well as a compact, lightweight an..
42,550.00 zł
Wintermann 900 Pro Wintermann 900 Pro
Brand: Wintermann Model: Wintermann 900 Pro
Designed for professional useWintermann® 900 Pro is designed for professional use. Thanks to higher capacity in comparison with other models, work can be performed much quicker even in unusually difficult conditions. The compact, well-designed and high-capacity machine will meet all expectations..
49,390.00 zł
Wintermann Xpress Wintermann Xpress
Brand: Wintermann Model: Wintermann Xpress
Wintermann® Xpress is a response to the Clients’ demand for compact, inexpensive and mobile polyurethane foaming machines. 2019 will see the official market launch of the Wintermann® Xpress model for Clients who want to perform smaller foam spraying works without setting up and investing in large pr..
20,550.00 zł
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