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Water Ionizer RIVO-708A

Water Ionizer RIVO-708A
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What Is Ionized Water?

  • By electrolyzing the clean tap water, which is filtered and sterilized to reach the drinking water standard, we can get ionized water
  • There are two kinds of ionized water, alkaline water and acidic water
  • Alkaline ionized water has many heath benefits, and acidic ionized water has good performance in sterilization

Ionized water chart












Benefits of alkaline ionized water

  • Small molecular group

The alkaline ionized water has small molecular groups which is made up by 5~6 water molecules, while common water has big groups made up by more than 10 water molecules.

Water with small molecular groups has good ability in penetrating, diffusing, dissolving and metabolism, helping people remove free radicals and wastes in the body

  • Supplement minerals

The mineral compound will become free ions after electrolysis. So alkaline ionized water contains many activated mineral ions, such as active calcium, magnesium, which are easy to be absorbed.

  • Antioxidative

Oxygen free radicals in human body cause aging, wrinkles and many diseases.

Alkaline ionized water has negative potential, which is antioxidative, helping people remove free radicals to keep health and beauty.

  • Keep acid – base balance

The bad habits in modern life, such eating much meat and staying up late, will make our body internal environment become acidic. The acidic body is easy to feel tired and get ill.

Alkaline water is above pH7. It can neutralize the acidic material to keep acid-base balance in your body.


Features of Rivo Medical water ionizer

  • made of high quality titanium, Japanese 99% platinum coating and specialized ion membrane
  • Stable and durable.
  • Look fashionable and easy to control. Many water phases for different uses
  • LCD screen shows all real-time data
  • Support different language settings according to your specific needs.
  • Available TDS is 50~1000ppm,suitable for different water quality almost everywhere
  • making it suitable for different voltage around the world
  • Auto-cleaning function prevents scales in the electrode
  • Temperature protection system prevents overheated water going inside 


Super-large electrode

Made of high quality titanium, Japanese 99% platinum coating and specialized ion membrane. Stable and durable.


Fashionable touch-control panel

Many water phases for your various needs.


Large LCD screen

Show real-time data of flow rate, output water temperature, pH and ORP, helping users to monitor its working condition and correctly choose the function they need.


Easy installation

Just by an easy installation, you can enjoy alkaline ionized water every day.


Technical Datasheet

Quantity of plates5 plates /7 plates
pH4.5~10.5 (as per local water quality)
pH levels4 alkaline,1 purified, 2 acidic
Flow rate0.8~4L/min
Heating functionoptional

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