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Roland LD-300 Laser Decorator

The LD-300 laser decorator produces stunning graphics and crisp text on a wide range of small and large products up to 50mm thick, and can even imprint directly on natural leather.

Beyond foil decoration on soft plastics, the LD-300 can accommodate objects up to 200mm thick when the bed is removed, so you can personalise large items such as handbags and product packaging without sacrificing quality.

The LD-300 comes bundled with METAZAStudio software for easy import, editing and detailed output of a wide range of files.

You can now decorate on leather

Roland DG's patent-pending technology, first pioneered with the LD-80, uses foil transfer for decoration on synthetic leather. With the LD-300, the same technology can also imprint directly onto the surface of genuine* leather. Produce multiple items at once or create unique masterpieces one at a time.

Unlike CO2 lasers, DGSHAPE’s semi-conductor laser decoration technology emits no gas or odors commonly associated with laser engraving applications or fume extraction equipment. All while delivering crisp text, fine lines, and highly detailed artwork.

Decorate large items up to 20cm thick

The LD-300 Laser Decorator was completely re-designed to accommodate large items such as handbags and gift boxes with increased speed. Flat, A4 sized items (305mm × 230mm) can be decorated with ease; and if you remove the print table, the available decorating area expands to 200mm thick.

Foil transfer on soft plastics with precise results

The LD-300 uses semi-conductor laser transfer technology to apply heat-activated adhesive foil to a variety of heat-resistant and soft plastics including acrylic, polycarbonate, polypropylene, polystyrene, and ABS*.

The pinpoint accuracy of the semi-conductor laser paired with a high-quality transfer foil can create designs as small as a fraction of a millimetre.

Feature summary:

  • Includes easy to use software: you don't need to be a graphics expert to design and output artwork
  • Vector graphics and text: Import and edit a wide range of files in METAZAStudio
  • Energy-efficient: Requires no special electrical set-up and works with standard wall sockets
  • Variable data: Input your serial data, including numbers and names to produce items for multiple customers
  • Laser pointer: Shows the origin point, for precise media positioning
  • Clean: Runs safe and clean with no debris or gas leakage


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Roland LD-300 Laser Decorator

Add stylish metallic logos, text and graphics  
directly onto items in minutes.

Fast, easy-to-use, and safe-to-operate, the DGSHAPE LD-300 laser decorator is a hot foil printing machine that personalizes polycarbonate, acrylic, and leather items with super-stylish metallized foil logos, designs and text.

  • Add reflective graphics in a myriad of textures and colors onto phone covers, leather handbags, packaging, and so much more
  • Incredibly economic-to-use when compared to hot-foil stamping, it offers laser-precise results
  • Provides a unique opportunity for your kiosk, online shop, or graphics business to create original and exciting custom products

Specifications  LD-300

Imprintable materialAcrylic, ABS, PP, PS, PC, PU, PVC, Vegetable tanning Leather, Paper for Package (According to the condition)
Loadable material sizeWith table12.72 in. (W) x 10.51 in. (D) x 1.96 in. (H) [323 mm (W) x 267 mm (D) x 50 mm (H)]
Must be flat material (Within ±0.5 mm from the Z detection position)
Without table11.06 in. (W) x 8.43 in. (D) x 8.5 in. (H) [281 mm (W) x 214 mm (D) x 216 mm (H)]
Must be flat material (Within ±0.5 mm from the Z detection position)
Imprint areaMaximum12 in. (W) x 9.06 in. (D) x 1.57 in. (Z) [305 mm (W) × 230 mm (D) x 40 mm (Z)]

10.66 in.(W) x 7.56 in. (D) [271 mm (W) x 192 mm (D)]


Default 353 dpi (text), 1058 dpi (vector)

Imprint direction

Unidirectional imprinting or bidirectional imprinting (Selectable with Windows driver)

Printing speedDefault.95 in./s
24 mm/s
Maximum1.89 in./s
48 mm/s
Power requirementsDedicated AC adapter

AC 100 V ± 10 % 50/60 Hz


DC 19 V 1.2 A

Power consumption

23 W

Acoustic noise level

70 dB (A) or less

Operating temperature

10 ~ 30 °C

Operating humidity

35 ~ 80% (no condensation)

External dimensions24.25 in. (W) × 23.11 in. (D) × 19.06 in. (H) [616 mm (W) × 587 mm (D) × 498 mm (H)]
Weight101.4 lbs [46 kg]
Light sourceFor imprinting

Class 4 laser; wavelength: 450 nm; dispersion: 23 degrees; pulse width and repeatability: 167.5 μs, 4 kHz; max. output: 1.6 W

For positioningClass 1 laser, wavelength: 655 nm
Safety devicesInterlock

When the cover opens, the laser power supply turns off.


Light-blocking cover

Included items

AC adapter, power cord, USB cable, Software Package CD, setup guide, material retainer, film retainer (10 sheets), etc.


Foil Compatibility Chart 

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)   
Acrylic (ACRYL)   
Poly Propylene (PP)   
Poly Ethylene (PE)   
Poly Styrene (PS)   
Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)   
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)   
Poly Carbonate (PC)   
Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN)   

*Successful text and image results depend on the correct combination of foil and media. For best results, test foil transfer prior to final production. Foil Compatibility Chart results are based on product testing in North and South American regions only (excluding Brazil) with products readily available in these regions.



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