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MODEL: V5000-02
12000 Liters Filter cartridge with Water Ionizer Purifier Machine PH3.5-11
Alkaline Acid 5 Water Settings Auto-Cleaning LCD Touch Water Filter.
Produce 7 healthy water:
4 ionized alkaline water (ph 8.5-11.5),
1 non-ionized pure filtered water (ph 7~7.5),
2 ionized acidic water (ph 2.8-5.5), the device produces antioxidating alkaline, ionized water, change The
nature of conventional tap water, through the use of electrolysis, helps us detoxify the body, increase energy
and hydratio, and not just drink.
Advanced plating process: 11pcs large-size titanium with platinum coated plate, suitable for imported ion
film in Japan, provding high efficiency electrolysis, long working time.
With an internal replaceable activated carbon water filter: Effectively remove harmful substances such as
odor, odor, organic matter and residual chlorine in the water, high-efficiency and long-term adsorption life,
high-tech filter purification exceeds 3170 gallons (12000L), and finally For one year, we also sold internal
filter replacements.
Self cleaning function: The machine cleans itself by reversing the polarity after each use, and automatically
flushes every 7.9 gallons. You can also reset according to the water quality.
Additional Features: SMPS - 110 v-240 v Power General / Production Water pH 2.8 to 11.5/+900 to
-775mV ,ORP 900~960ppb (Depend water quality) ,
Repatriation Level / Water TDS from 50 to 800ppm / Oversized 3.8
Why we have to drinking Alkaline Waters everyday:
I first learned about alkaline water benefits many years ago from a natural health practitioner who had a
background in macrobiotics.
He taught me that most illnesses arise due to an acidic state in the body. He said that healthy human cells
thrive in a slightly alkaline environment. In fact, the “normal” pH range for blood is between 7.30 and 7.45.
Blood pH is a good indication of how much oxygen is available to the cells.
This fact is really important! According to many doctors and health practitioners, lack of oxygen to the cells
is one of the primary causes of most diseases, including cancer.
My friend also said that we become more susceptible to getting colds and flus when we are more acidic
because many unhealthy bacteria and viruses thrive in a slightly acidic environment.
So I took his advice to heart and started studying about the acid-alkaline balance in the body macrobiotic
books and lectures.
Understand Alkaline Waters Benefits:
Top 3 Alkaline Water Benefits
As a health and nutrition consultant today, I frequently experience how difficult it is for many people to
change their diets or lifestyles toward a more alkaline way of living. So I am always open to finding solutions
that are easier.
When I first learned about alkaline water, it seemed like an easy way to help reduce excess acidity.
What I have learned during the past 8 years of drinking and sharing alkaline water is that it definitely does
afford many health benefits and will help to restore acid-alkaline balance in the body.
However, drinking alkaline water alone will not override all of our bad habits.
Three of the most important alkaline water benefits include:
Alkaline water can help neutralize acidity in the body
Alkaline water can reduce the amount of free radical damage
Alkaline water helps keep bones and teeth strong and dense.
My First Alkaline Water Cure
During my early years of researching alkaline water benefits, I discovered what seemed like a simple and
quick way to alkalize my body. I don’t remember for sure, but I think it was from an Edgar Cayce remedy for
colds and flus.
At the first sign of symptoms, I simply added 1 tablespoon of baking soda to a glass of water and drank it on
an empty stomach every 2 to 3 hours throughout the day. To be honest, I have no idea if it helped or not but
I have to admit that I never experienced a prolonged illness.
Considering what I know now, I wouldn’t recommend this approach to anyone. Drinking too much baking
soda with water can be dangerous, especially if there is food in the stomach.
In addition, I believe the alkaline water benefits from using baking soda are minimal and temporary at best.
I certainly never saw any change in the overall alkalinity of my body fluids over time.
Benefits of pH Drops, Powders, or Tablets
Today there are a number of products on the market, such as alkalizing pH drops, powders, or tablets,
which are designed to be added to water and are supposed to provide health benefits.
In my experience, the problem with these products is that they create what I call an “artificial alkalinity.”
People can easily become too alkaline with these products, creating other problems such as bladder and
kidney infections.
I wouldn’t say these products have no value, but I believe they should only be used periodically, if at all, and
certainly not on a daily basis. In addition, I think baking soda does essentially the same thing - and it’s far
less expensive.
Even after the baking soda phase, increasing body alkalinity by drinking alkaline water made sense to me so
I continued to pursue and learn more.
True Alkaline Water Benefits
I’ve learned that water that is alkaline in pH (in a healthy range between 7.0 and 9.5 pH) has more alkaline
minerals in it than acidic minerals.
Tap water that is treated with disinfectants such as chlorine becomes acidic. However, laws require the
municipal water to be alkaline in order to preserve the city pipes from acid corrosion.
The problem is that the way our treatment centers handle this requirement is by adding lye and/or other
unhealthy (i.e., toxic) alkalizing agents to the water.
Alkaline water benefits only come from water that is free of contaminants and contains more naturally
occurring alkaline minerals than acidic minerals.
Unfortunately, true alkaline water is hard to come by. Most bottled water is acidic. Water that is purified via
distillation or reverse osmosis (both of which remove minerals in the water) is also acidic.
Well water is a possible choice if the source water is consistently free of contaminants (or if used with an
effective filter) and if the water is rich in alkaline minerals, such as calcium and magnesium.
Drinking spring water is a good choice. Natural spring water often contains a level of minerals that is
beneficial to health. Mineral-rich water will usually have a neutral or slightly alkaline pH.
Ionized alkaline water is an even better choice because the water contains ionic alkaline minerals. The
ionization process makes the alkaline minerals even more bio-available to the body because of their
electrical charge.
Water ionizers can be expensive. But when it comes to health, an ounce of prevention is worth much more
than a pound of "cure" (i.e., the cost of medical expenses).
In fact, with all due respect to the medical profession, most of the time the treatments don't cure anything;
they just temporarily suppress the symptoms with medications. Thus I will continue to pursue natural
solutions that support the body to heal itself . . .
After years of scientific research conducted all over the world, there are currently no known side
effects from using Alkaline Hydrogen infused water.
Product description
Function: direct drinking
Purification position: terminal purification
Uses: household pre-filtration
Water production (liters / minute): 0.8 (Minimum)
Installation: kitchen / wall mounted / countertop
Material: Titanium + Japan ion’s membrane and Stainless steel hose
Type: ionizer
Certification: CE /FCC/ROHS/FDA/C-TICK / BPA FREE / UL (POWER CABLE) AND NSF (Filter cartridge)
Power (W): 210W
Max Water quality requirements: municipal water
Display size: 3.8 inches
Display type: color LCD
Screen power: 1.5W
Power: AC 110-220V
Flow rate: 0.8-3.5L / Mini.~Max.
Water TDS: 50-1200mg / L
Filter life: 12,000 liters (depending on water quality)
Body Size: 330 * 245 * 130 (mm)
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