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Model Number: V3000+4040K (Bonus)

It with One 7 plates Hydrogen water ionizer
And with One 4 X 10inch Nano Water Purifier system with Replacement Cartridge filters to
remove all 0.01 micron rush ,smell, Microorganism;sediment;Bacteria;warm... etc.
Install to Tap Faucet (desktop) or Wall - Mounted as your want.


Water Beginning Problems:

Today, The Water actually are so right and helpful life, But we all paste the bads to water like
Cars, Air-borne emissions;household garbage ; industrial pollution... etc into the water,
Long years used water hose; water tower long days not cleaning .... etc.


Our Program Original and Solutions:

  1.  Make the problems water with technology to purify it cleans, the 4040K was 4 stages from Removes Sediment , Bad smell , chlorine;Microorganism,Escherichia coli;Bacteria... etc with Sediment filter, Carbon Block filter, Ultra membrane and T33 filter per 9000~11000 liter a replacement with Economics cost.
  2. From 4040K purified water directly sent to hydrogen water ionizer to make water with good taste also with working function to your body. (check the hydrogen benefit on this data list)
  3. Make water not like other system- waste many waters, as lot people still no water uses. If you using RO purifier, that is a big waste life water,some machine 80% waste from the Drain water tubes.


Hydrogen Waters Benefits

1 -pH Balance

An acidic environment can lead to health issues, acidity causes the growth of microorganisms
and may also cause lack of oxygen at the cellular level. Hydrogen water can help regulate and
maintain the pH of the blood and the entire body which reduces the impact of acidosis on
metabolism. Cells that maintain their original pH are able to more efficiently eliminate waste
and decrease risk of health issues.


2- Longevity

Hydrogen water reduces the damage of oxidative stress, therefore inflammation. Oxidative
stress and damage causes faster ageing, and the degradation of our systems that preserve life.


3- Skin Fluid

Scientific studies suggest that drinking Hydrogen Water can reduce the damage on skin cells,
while promoting type I collagen production in the dermis. Hydrogen Water could also improve
the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles, ensuring healthy, youthful looking skin.


4- Vision Health

Hydrogen Water supports healthy vision, possibly protecting eyes from macular degeneration.A
few studies suggest that Hydrogen Water may even be able to prevent retinal injuries.


5- Joint Boost

Hydrogen Water could be effective against inflammatory conditions, especially when used early
and preventatively, the water may help reduce or eliminate symptoms such as joint stiffness and


6- Dental & Oral

Actions of free radicals and bacteria cause tooth decay, Hydrogen Water may cease oral
deterioration, possibly reducing gum inflammation and tissues surrounding oral cavities, this in
turn may prevent dental decay and bacterial entry into blood.


7- Muscle Health

Muscle Fatigue is usually the result of accumulation of lactate ions, resulting in pain,
inflammation and general weakness of the affected muscle groups. Hydrogen water acts as a
buffer, reducing the inhibitory action of lactate ions on pain and performance. It also speeds up
recovery, so that time spent on the side-lines is minimised. This is one of the primary reasons it
is used as a performance improvement aid as well.


8- Brain Fixx

Our brains use large amounts of oxygen, making it susceptible to the oxidative actions of the
generated free radicals. Hydrogen Water can counter the activity of these free radicals that
may decrease brain function. Promoting healthy cognitive function over the general expected


9- Oxidative Stress

Cells in your body are breaking down everyday from stress, exercise and just from being alive.
Hydrogen Water will help fight and reverse those effects.


10- Anti-aging

Just like Oxidative Stress the cells in your skin are being damaged every day. The high levels of
antioxidents will help fight that aging process and more.


V3000 is amazing Hydrogen Water Machine is the perfect solution for your kitchen. It creates
a neutral pH water rich in Hydrogen for huge therapeutic health to the body.
Furthermore, it has a modulator inside this advanced machine that has the ability to affect
the water running through it with wholesome and therapeutic frequencies that are based in
quantum science.
You will not find a better system in terms of performance, reliability, quality, and support…


Focus Better And Do More With Hydrogen Enriched Water!*

  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Serves As A Strategic Antioxidant
  • Boost Athletic Performance
  • Cut Recovery Times In Half
  • Boost Cognitive Functions
  • Boost Natural Defenses
  • Get Energized
  • Boost Metabolism


Filtration IN

carbon full importing from North West Sri Lanka, 100% natural with gold + green
coconut mix,
Chlorine removal ball: over 5mm / importing from japan with food grade ; 0.01 Micron Ultra
membrane and Block Cartridge Filter
Replacement it from even 12 months or 24 months (Ultra membrane 24 months life)

LeadRemoves 99%
MercuryRemoves 99.5%
CryptosRemoves 99.9%
GiardiaRemoves 99.9%
VOCsRemoves 99.7%
MTBEsRemoves 99.5%
THMsRemoves 99.5%
ChloraminesRemoves 97.9%
RustRemoves 100%
ChlorineRemoves 100%
FluorineRemoves 94.2% (order before attention to us)


Filter Capacity: 1 year for a family of 6 or 11000 liters water (11000 liter maximum)
NSF- standards 42 or 53 for Sediment and GAC Filter;
This genuine cartridge is used in the following systems:
* HT counter top and under sink systems,
* Clear Source water filters
* Clean & Pure counter top
* HT-UT series, and several other kitchen counter systems.
Filter Size: 10inch x 4
Nominal Size: 135mm X 60mm (D)

Filter Life: 10~12 months or 11000 liters
Micron Rating: 0.01 micron nominal and absolute rating
Maximum operating temperature: 125° F
No release of carbon fines


V3000 Dimensions:

  • 350mm Height
  • 182mm Width
  • 135mm Depth

* Some units are compatible with under sink installation and requires the additional
purchase of the Manual Echo Faucet. Please verify with customer support if your unit is
compatible depending on your serial number on your unit.


Water Saver Inbuilt:

The V3000 with Our new Technology Water Saver inside, the hydrogen ionizer system with
“Zero” water waste, and Filtration system by handle washes- Every week Turn ON water
valve 3 minutes to cleaning the inside water and throw bads from Drain Line.
After years of scientific research conducted all over the world, there are
currently no known side effects from using Hydrogen infused water.



V3000 inculd CE/EMC/REACH/SGS/DVE/ROHS/NSF/UL AND C-TICK(AU) Certificates and
NSF 42 or 53 from Sediment (Filter 1) and Active Carbon Block (Filter 4)

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