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3D Scanner Microscan 3D Scanner Microscan Ask
Brand: Quedex Model: 3D Scanner Microscan
High Quality 3D Laser Scanning attachment The MicroScan3D is a new High Quality 3D Laser Scanning attachment that is easily connected to a Spining Stylus MicroScribe digitising arm. This unit is developed by RSI, complete with software to offer a powerful yet affordable 3D laser scanning and digit..
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Skiron Laser Skiron Laser Ask
Brand: Quedex Model: Skiron Laser
Applications Combined with the MicroScribe® desktop digitizer, Skiron laser scanner is suitable for all 3D application needs including industrial, medical, architecture, archaeology, film industry... It is flexible enough to cover many different applications, such as: Industrial des..
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Spray Services Spray Services Ask
Brand: Quedex Model: Spray Services
Insulation with PUR foam and polyurea Through the network of our partners, we offer modern insulation of residential, commercial, urban and company buildings by spraying.Our partners deal with: Polyurethane foaming Production of polyurethane products and membranes A special..
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Brand: Quedex Model: TIPS_FOR_INVESTORS
Tips for investors Tips for clients looking for polyurethane spraying servicesBased on a number of meetings and conversations with clients at the Budma trade fair, and the feedback received from our clients, we have decided it is time to write this short article.Our goal is to communicate r..
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