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Grawostar Laserman III 20QS

Production-grade laser


Grawostar Laserman™ III  laser engraving machine with a 20W, 30W, 50W, 100W, 200W laser source is designed for engraving and marking of bar codes, serial numbers, logotypes etc. in large manufacturing and engraving plants and in production lines.

Laser light is directed through a special computer software-controlled optical head to engrave permanent markings on the surface of various materials.

Grawostar Laserman™ III  is made of components with highest available quality, which makes it stand out of other products on the market both in terms of its quality and performance parameters.

Grawostar Laserman™ III  is a fiber-type engraving and marking laser, manufactured in a plant which meets more rigorous quality standards. Grawostar Laserman™ III  is a professional and reliable fiber-type laser marking machine offering powerful performance and durability.

Fiber-optic technology offers high energy conversion capacity, high quality of the light beam, low power consumption and exceptionally long useful life.

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The air-cooled, low-noise compact machine integrated with the power source guarantees comfortable use and efficient performance.

For more technical information on compatibility of the laser machine and possible use with your materials, please contact us.


Why Grawostar Laserman™?

  • Quality – our products are always a top-quality choice. Grawostar Laserman™ is a European brand and offers tried and tested solutions recommended by our clients for many years now. We always sell machines which meet highest quality standards.


  • Three product lines – Grawostar Laserman™ includes three product lines: Laserman™ eXpress (cost-effective versatile line), Laserman™ III  (ultra-durable production-grade line), and Laserman™ V Pro (multi-color marking on stainless steel materials) to suit various needs of our clients.


  • After-sale service – we offer professional warranty and post-warranty service of our machines. Our specialists have the necessary knowledge and are trained on the operation and maintenance of the systems used for the engraving and marking of ABS materials, paper, wood, precious and non-ferrous metals, leather, and other materials. 


  • Safety – Laserman products are sold by a Polish company. All our machines are certified for the relevant European work safety standards. We do not sell counterfeited products or protective eyewear ‘made in China’.


  • Competent customer service staff – our specialists will help select optimum solutions to suit your needs. Only our company, with the track record dating back to 1996, is able to offer such professional customer service.


Compatible materials (selected)

Grawostar Laserman™ III  can be used in goldsmith’s plants to cut rolled 0.2 - 0.5 mm gold (a special electronic-control stage for cutting gold is available upon request).

Grawostar Laserman™ III  can be used for engraving high-quality photographs.

Grawostar Laserman™ III  can apply print in several colors on stainless steel.

Grawostar Laserman™ III  can be used for marking metals, including steels, brass, aluminum, copper, silver, gold and platinum.

Grawostar Laserman™ III  can also be used for marking non-metal materials such as ABS, Nylon, PES, PVC, and Makrolon.

Grawostar Laserman™ III  can also be used to mark thousands of other materials (please contact us to determine compatibility).


Laser can be used on

Grawostar Laserman™ III  can be used for engraving the face (dial) of clocks and watches without the need to disassemble them; the same applies to water meters and elements behind glass or crystal, etc., as the laser is able to penetrate through the glass and mark or engrave on the inside (for instance, on a mirror).

Grawostar Laserman™ III  can be used to mark pendrives, clocks and watches, drink bottles, pens, bottle caps, nameplates, selected ceramics, tools, toys, medical products, electronics, instruments, switches, mobile phones, engraving laminates, and tens of thousands of other advertising and promotional products and gadgets.

Grawostar Laserman™ III  can handle very difficult engravings on high-precision and sensitive electronics and medical devices, which makes it an ideal solution for applications such as industrial marking, engraving, identification, code application and numbering.


How to choose the right system?

Click here to check out important information that will help you choose the right laser for you.


Optional components

  •    Pen dispenser
  •     Special dispenser
  •     Electronic-control Z height-adjustment stage
  •     X, Y, Z adjustable stage
  •     Rotating axis (turntable)
  •     Column turntable
  •     I/O module
  •     In-motion marking module
  •     Remote system start (start/abort button)
  •     Computer-controlled Z, A, X, Y lift
  •     Special handles, production lines
  •     Housing
  •     Lenses for various working areas
  •     Protective eyewear
  •     Emission absorption and extraction system TBH LN 230 or TBH BF-10
  •     Training
  •     Lease and credit facilities (creditworthiness must be proven)


Working area

The standard working area, depending on the selected lenses, is 150mm x 150mm; the working area may be adjusted as needed.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the technical parameters of the product to improve its quality and extend the scope of application.

Please contact us prior to any purchase.



Grawostar Laserman™ III  is part of the Grawostar product line which has been available on the market for the past 20 years. It is a product for clients who are aware of differences in product quality and who appreciate original designs and legal sources of Raycus / IPG / JPT fiber laser light.

  •     Light and portable
  •     No need for consumable materials
  •     Very high positioning precision
  •     High speed, 2x-5x faster than traditional lasers
  •     No need to calibrate laser beam
  •     Compact design, can be used on a desk-sized table
  •     Low power consumption – less than 500W, which is 1/10 or 1/25 of the amount of power consumed by old YAG or lamp-based lasers
  •     USB connection – engraving laser may be controlled by a laptop computer
  •     Average service-free time – 0,1-0,2 million hours, very low cost of operation
  •     Easy to use, the operator is able to use the laser immediately after training
  •     Red indicator points to the working area and helps adjust laser sharpness
  •     The laser will support the import of files in popular formats from the most popular computer programs
  •     The laser is cooled with air, with no need for noisy and expensive coolers
  •     X, Y and Z stage adjustment for easy sharpness adjustment and material positioning
  •     Intuitive and continuously upgraded software
  •     Long useful life of the Raycus laser module (MTBF 0,1-0,2 million hours!); in comparison, certain Nd:YAG modules last several thousand hours between failures and certain semiconductor modules last dozen thousand hours
  •     High software compatibility, possible import
  •     Possible deep-cut engraving (dies, stamps)
  •     Very low price
  •     Training organized in Poland (Europe)
  •     Maintenance service offered in Europe (track record of 20 years)


Technical data

  •     Type: Grawostar Laserman™ III
  •     Working area: 150mm x 150mm (optional: 50mm*50mm / 100mm*100mm / 200mm*200mm / 300mm*300mm)
  •     Laser power: 20W, 30W, 40W, 50W, 100W, 200W, 500W
  •     Light wavelength: 1064nm
  •     Light source: Raycus / IPG / JPT (depending on order)
  •     Maximum marking depth: <1,0mm
  •     Minimum width of marking line: <0,015mm
  •     Minimum letter height: <0,2mm
  •     Maximum repetition rate: ±0,003mm
  •     Maximum marking speed: 7000mm/s
  •     Fiber-optic source: Raycus / JPT / IPG (original only)
  •     Scanning head: software controlled
  •     Laser module useful life: 100,000 – 200,000 hours
  •     Laser beam quality: M2 <1.6
  •     Power: 10%-100%, software controlled
  •     Minimum focal spot diameter: 0,01mm
  •     Output frequency: 20kHz-50kHz, 50kHz - 100kHz, 50kHz - 400kHz (adjustable, depending of the laser source used)
  •     Power consumption: <500W
  •     Output power stability: <±1,5% rms
  •     Power source: 230V/50Hz / 110V/60Hz
  •     Software: EzCad or other
  •     File formats: JPG, PLT, AI, DXF, BMP, PCX and other
  •     Cooling: Air
  •     Natural laser useful life: 100.000 – 200.000 (fiber)
  •     Interface: USB 2.0
  •     Operating temperature: 15℃-35℃
  •     Device dimensions: 550mm x 600mm x600mm
  •     Packaging dimensions: 450mm x 750mm x 850mm
  •     Weight: 40-60kg

* technical parameters shown for version 20W, final parameters depends on choosen laser source



For more information, look for ‘grawostar laserman’ films on to see how the machine works. The product comes with a licensed (legal) software.

The business-to-business offering is not contrary to any consumer rights (and shall be construed as such).


The delivery is subject exclusively to the terms set by TBH Polska Sp. z o.o. For safety reasons, relevant training must be conducted prior to purchasing any laser product.
Please read the following important safety notice: Without adequate protection, light emitted by lasers of this type can harm your eyesight, and the vapors generated while operating a laser may be harmful to your lungs, other internal body organs, and skin.


Most sellers would ignore safety considerations, exposing their clients to serious health hazards. Please choose wisely. Our portfolio includes protective eyewear with certificates endorsed by the Chief Labor Inspectorate of Europe, as well as systems for extraction and disposal of contaminants, which may be connected to the laser and operate in a three-shift system to eliminate even 99.99% of harmful emissions.


All photographs and trade names are subject to copyright and are protected by law; they cannot be copied and used without prior written consent of the owner.


IMPORTANT! An important notice for prospective buyers of our lasers: be careful not to purchase fake products! If you are interested in buying lasers of this kind, please be advised that such products are often counterfeited.

Upon request, we can provide you with examples of ‘repainted’ laser sources, which is done mostly (but not only) in China.

Such defective light sources are then marketed as fully functional high-quality laser light generators.

As a result, you run the risk of buying a low-priced product which we would classify as electronic scrap.


How to choose the right system?

Click here to check out important information that will help you choose the right laser for you.



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