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Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro 60W JPT

Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro 60W JPT
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro 60W JPT
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro 60W JPT
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro 60W JPT
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro 60W JPT
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro 60W JPT
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro 60W JPT
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro 60W JPT
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro 60W JPT
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro 60W JPT
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro 60W JPT
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro 60W JPT
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro 60W JPT
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro 60W JPT
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro 60W JPT
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro 60W JPT
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro 60W JPT

Rust removal laser

Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro for rust removal and surface cleaning is a state-of-the-art device used for stripping rust and other dirt layers from metal and non-metal surfaces.
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro is a response to the market demand for precise yet cost-effective and high-quality laser solutions.
A wide choice of various laser configurations offers a perfect fit for specific customer’s requirements, and various types of laser sources ensure effective removal of specific surface coatings and dirt layers, depending on the industry where the device is to be applied.

Rust and dirt are removed by hitting the cleaned surface with a laser beam.  Energy is generated at point of contact, making oxides evaporate quickly off the surface of metal or other laser-cleaned objects.  
With a proper set-up of laser pulse frequency, laser source type and laser head parameters, various surface contaminants are removed in a non-contact manner.
The cleaned surface is not subject to any damage, which is one of the greatest advantages of laser cleaning technologies.


Requires no consumables

Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro offers quick surface treatment and, most importantly, requires no consumables. It is therefore a cost-effective solution, as it generates no costs other than the purchase price.
Laser cleaners are used for metal surface treatment as well as quick but precise rust removal. They are also used for stripping paint and removing fatty residue and pieces of plastics.
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro can be also used to clean stone, especially as the brand new technology for the treatment of sandstone. Laser can be used to clean objects such as fireplaces, statues and stone block with no need for their disassembly.

Rust removal lasers are the future for the treatment of metal surfaces prior to paint application. The quality of cleaned surfaces is close to perfection, and the process is super quick. Laser cleans metal surfaces much better than other treatment methods such as sandblasting, glass bead blasting, or polishing – especially where the paint stripping or other treatment process must be as clean as possible.

Ergonomic and durable gun

Equipped with a state-of-the-art, ergonomic and durable gun and a long fiber-optic cable (with the length adjustable to the customer’s needs), our lasers will fit into any space where sandblasting equipment cannot be used. It can be also used in print shops, beer vets, open car shops, and in other locations where people work and where no cleaning agents can be sprayed.
If you have ever applied paint on parts of agricultural machines, vehicles or other elements which require high-quality coatings, you know very well how important it is to prepare the surface properly. If any rust is left in the corners, coatings will show signs of damage after a short time.
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro can be used for precise treatment of metal and other elements to accelerate the process of repair and paint application and to improve the quality and durability of coatings. 
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro is also used to prepare surfaces for professional welding, injection mold cleaning, chassis repairs, paint stripping, cleaning of lathes and milling cutters, as well as removal of stains, oxides and oil residue!


Controlled laser beam pulse

To remove paint, laser generates a short laser beam pulse with the frequency up to 400 thousand pulses per second (depending on the light source used). When it hits a rusty metal surface, laser beam is absorbed by the dirt layer. Absorption generates a plasma burst, which makes rust and dirt virtually evaporate from the cleaned surface.
 A choice of light sources, its frequency, wavelength and modulation type is the key to adjust the system type to the customer’s needs.
Lasers fitted with the MFMDC (Modified Frequency, Modified Duty Cycle) system offer the most universal solution, allowing for the adjustment of many operating parameters and treatment of a range of sensitive coatings.
Grawostar Laser Cleaner Pro MFMDC can be also used to remove graffiti from walls thanks to on-off keying of laser pulses in time!


State-of-the-art light modulation

Thanks to the state-of-the-art light modulation technology, Grawostar Laser Cleaner MFMDC reduces the amount of waste products generated while cleaning. 
However, any surface cleaning process will still produce industrial waste. In the case of laser cleaning, it comes mainly in the form of fumes, which must be removed. To that end, you can use any TBH extraction system suitable for removing laser cleaning waste.
 Laser light with an optimum wavelength is very strong and highly focused. Therefore, appropriate personal protection equipment is required, especially electronic shields for longer work and protective eyewear. Please, keep that in mind (!).
As one of the very few market players we offer the selection of legal and CE-certified protective eyewear, meeting all the requirements of the Chief Labor Inspectorate and other inspection authorities.
We charge no fees for the selection of optimum eyewear. The laser beam is not visible to human eye, you will only see the effects of the burning process during work. Regular welding goggles will not protect your eyesight!

Important notice! There are various counterfeit and illegal protective eyewear products on the market. The use of such products may damage your eyesight! 

Producer of laser systems

Our company is a producer of laser systems and the exclusive distributor of Grawostar equipment. We also provide technical service. Our market presence dates back to 1993. For more information, see the “About the Company” tab. 
We are able to design special-purpose or customized products for your Clients.
We provide lease and credit facilities, and we have partnered with many renowned leasing companies. 
 We offer original products only. Please see the “Fake lasers” tab, where we describe the practice of replacing original laser sources with cheaper ones and “repainting” them. Unfortunately, some clients focus on price as the only factor when selecting a laser product. Please be advised that we never repair lasers, and those which include repainted light sources will remove no more than 30% of the unwanted surface contaminants, and will last only 1-2 years (instead of the expected 25 years of useful life)!
No fake laser can compare with an original product. Do not use fakes – visit our company instead!

Available power versions and laser types

  • 50 W
  • 50W MFMDC
  • 60 W 
  • 60W MFMDC
  • 100 W 
  • 100W MFMDC
  • 150W MFMDC - * bestseller
  • 200 W 
  • 300 W 
  • 500 W
  • 500W MFMDC 
  • 1000 W
  • 2000 W


Available light sources

  • Max
  • Maxtronics
  • Raycus
  • IPG Photonics
  • Grawostar JPT
  • JPT Raw

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