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Newtek NT-1200

Cheap Polyurethane Foam Spraying System

NewTek™ NT-1200 Pro Polyurethane Foam Spraying System is a cutting-edge professional unit for spraying polyurethane foam and for foaming polyurethane, offering a competitive solution to lower-priced Sanwerk™ products and higher-priced Graveco® units, as well as Europe’s most recognized and popular Wintermann® Pro product line. NewTek™ NT-1200 is a powerful, high-capacity air-fed machine, with upgraded heating hoses and a compact design. 

NewTek™ NT-1200 polyurethane foaming unit is used by medium-sized and large construction companies with no need for an expensive air supply screw compressor. NewTek™ NT-1200 has been upgraded by engineers and its performance parameters match those of other high-quality spraying units. NewTek™ NT-1200 foam reactor unit is fitted with heating hoses, a spray gun, and transfer pumps (with an option to add a high-quality Italian-made double-piston compressor fully compatible with the spraying system at an attractive price), as well as a mixer (optionally).

NewTek™ NT-1200 comes with a number of innovative solutions. The designers’ idea was to create a cheap machine able to serve large areas with minimum personnel involvement. The technical solutions applied are the simplest technologies which can be used in PUR foam reactors, which makes NewTek™ NT-1200 easy to use and repair. NewTek™ NT-1200 offers a low-cost solution competitive to the Wintermann® brand which, as one of the very few brands on the market, enjoys high consumer confidence.

Customer satisfaction is confirmed by the positive feedback and numerous credentials (selected Polish client references are available upon request). We have received so many credentials from our customers that it is simply impossible to include them all in any single offering.

NewTek™ NT-1200 meets both your needs and ours. We are continuously developing the spraying technologies made in Poland, in partnership with PUR foam manufacturers and our clients. Feel free to contact us at any time. Unfortunately, it is technically impossible to show you the photographs of hundreds of our satisfied customers on one website, we only publish selected photos of our products delivered to the clients. We also organize free product demonstrations at our company, you are always welcome to participate!

Thank you for your appreciation and for the best wishes for the year we have received from you! Feel free to browse our client references. We offer the complete range of foaming parts and equipment. As one of very few companies we also offer professional advice, information, training – and, above all, we do our best to debunk the myths about the application of polyurea, polyurea hybrids, and special foams. 

Feel free to contact us for professional free-of-charge assistance in the selection of optimum foam and polyurea equipment. We are machine designers, enthusiasts and traders – all in one. Our company has grown out of a group of designers and users of spraying systems; as a result, our focus is not only on the sales figures.

Client references come also from the largest, most popular and successful producers of PUR foam components. This is quite unique on a global scale, because it is extremely difficult to win confidence and recognition both from the end users and PUR foam producers. It takes many years of hard work and unwavering focus on the highest quality of equipment and after-sales customer service.

NewTek™ NT-1200 Pro Polyurethane Foam Spraying System is a popular, state-of-the-art, low-cost polyurethane spraying unit, equipped with light heating hoses, recirculation system, lubricating module, and a compact, lightweight and handy spray gun. NewTek™ NT-1200 Pro Polyurethane Foam Spraying System is a perfect alternative to larger, heavier and much more expensive spraying machines and polyurethane injection systems. NewTek™ NT-1200 Pro can be used in locations where there is not enough power supply to feed large spraying units.

With the optional power switch, the system may be fed from a three-phase or from a single-phase power source. Despite its compact design, the spraying system may be used on construction sites and to insulate existing buildings (for both indoor and outdoor applications). NewTek™ NT-1200 Polyurethane Foam Spraying Reactor is designed and made for small- and medium-sized users as well as for large companies. It does not require an expensive compressor and power generator, and a well-thought-out design of the heating system power supply reduces the load to a minimum.

Despite its compact design, the unit is able to efficiently apply most of the closed- and open-cell foams available on the market.

The technical solutions used in NewTek™ NT-1200 will allow the spraying of polyurethane even in difficult conditions. The NewTek™ NT-1200 model is compatible with Graveco® Raptor V, which we believe is the best spray gun currently available on the market. TBH Polska Sp. z o.o. is the exclusive distributor and repair service provider for the Newtek brand in Europe.

In keeping with our company policy, we offer a broad portfolio of training as well as warranty and post-warranty services for Wintermann® products in Europe. Product catalogues: All rights reserved! Be careful not to buy a fake product – our original high-quality products are often counterfeited! Best buy from our company only! 

Additional information:
  • extended heating hose
  • spray gun
  • application of hybrids: yes (please contact us to determine the optimum technical parameters for various chemical products)
  • optional training
  • lease / credit facility: yes


Dear Clients:

In the case of purchases of products to be exported, we always recommend that you go for top-quality systems only.

Based on our long and successful track record in sales and after-sale services, we suggest that you should refrain from buying products other than professional spraying, engraving, cutting and extraction systems – available here (link).

This will guarantee many years of your satisfaction, company profitability and the feeling that you offer best possible customer service as a seller.

Should you have any questions as to the optimum choice of our products, please contact our team – we will be more than happy to help you. We can also provide training to your personnel (if necessary).

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