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Innovative Slim Design Stand Alkaline Ionized system with:

  • Hot and Cold dispenser with 5 Stages Filtered System.
  • Extra Large LED display Screen – The V6000 features an informative,Sea blue color LED screen that displays important information such as remaining filter life, numerical pH level, water flow rate, ORP, and more
  • Automatic Cleaning Cycle – After each usage, the machine performs an automatic 15-second electrolysis chamber cleaning
  • Automatic Cleaning Alert – Once the machine’s production starling, the CLEAN indicator will alert the user that the ionizer needs a full cleaning cycle
  • Full Cleaning Cycle – When the CLEAN indicator is lit up, press the CLEAN button and the ionizer conducts a full 3-minute cleaning cycle; and once the music stops, you know the cleaning cycle is over
  • 4 Water pH Levels – The V6000 produces 4 pH levels which include 8.5 level,9.0 level,9.5 level, 10.0 level
  • 3 Premium Platinum-Coated Titanium Electrolysis Plates (the details please reading DATA Sheet)
  • High Efficiency P1501RC Filter – The activated carbon fiber filter helps remove impurities such as chlorine, chlorine odor, pesticides, dirt, and other substances from water, creating contaminant free water
  • Stylish Design – Its sleek silver-colored design also includes colorful selection buttons to compliment your decor
  • Extra Long Flexible Hose – Dispense water easily and quickly
  • Soft-Touch Button Control Panel – User-friendly, carefully labeled, soft-touch selection buttons even include useful ICONS as well as descriptive labels
  • Handy Safety Setting – To prevent accidental consumption of acidic water, the machine automatically switches over to daily drinking/purified water
  • Filter Life Indicator – The informative display screen indicates the remaining life left in the filter, and also alerts user when the filter needs to be changed on the screen as well as with a FILTER indicator light
  • Electrolytic Intensity Setting – User can further adjust the water’s pH levels slightly with the Menu (up and down) buttons
  • Quick Change Filters – P1501RC filter easily pops in and out with no hassle



Innovative Design

The innovative design of the BPA free plastic with Glowing glass accent will look classy in your home, office or
any public space. The elegance of this unit will add much style to your kitchen. The unit comes with an
easy-to-install water line that can connect to any kitchen sinks water supply.


Two-Temp Water Cooler

This unit can dispense 2 water temperatures from different water spouts. Hot, and ice cold water is ready at
your fingertips. The hot water is steaming hot, perfect for coffee, tea, and soup. The cold water is crisp and
cold eliminating any need for ice. A child safety lock accommodates the hot water faucet.


Child Safety Lock

This water cooler is equipped with a child proof safety hot water faucet. Hot water comes out by pressing down
the lever with the safety lock pressed in. This 2-step handle operation prevents children from dispensing hot
water. It is recommended that all hot water taps have a red child lock handle to help prevent scald accidents.
The hot water can be shut off while not in use.


Removable Drip Tray

If you’ve owned a water dispenser before, you know how easy it is for the last drip and drop of water to fall out
of the tap after you’ve removed your glass. This water cooler comes equipped with an anti-rust BPA-Free drip
tray, which allows you to keep your drip tray sanitary and easy to clean!


Superior Filtration

Instant access to healthy water, keeps you and your family hydrated all day every day. The system powers
through half a gallon every minute. Includes first set of filters and all parts needed for installment
This package (Great for 15+ people) consists of 5 stage EZ Change filtration system housings consisting
of First stage 5-micron sediment filter
Second stage coconut carbon (GAC) filter that removes cloudiness and unwanted particulates and tastes from
municipal tap water
3rd Stage is a 5 Micron Coconut Carbon Block for added protection of high-volume use.
4rd stage is a 0.01 micron ultra Pro filter Eliminate the oil contamination,Microorganism;Bacteria germ, virus,
corposcule, up 0.01 micron other solute.
5rd stage In-line Post active Carbon filtration, Adjusting & improving water taste
Filter fits inside the dispenser storage compartment or you can mount in remote location, (Under the Sink, etc).
(Comes with Universal Mounting Bracket) Installation Kit Consists of 25' of water line, ball valve, angle stop
adapter, union connector, wall anchors, screws, water line fasteners, mounting bracket, filters. This flexible
water dispenser provides hot, cold or Room-Temp water on demand.


User Group:

The Ultra Filtration water dispenser use’s many place, like home, Restaurants, Coffee shops,Office, Factory,
office,bank,airport... etc. The system full supports 6 ~ 25 peoples with 3L per day drinking capacity with good
alkaline experience.


Economic replacement:

The system with very less waste water, like every 3 days throw 3 minutes water (5L liter) from Drain line to
cleaning inside machine system.
Every year or 10000Liters per replacement of five filter cartridges, We offer factory cost only US$25.00 per


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