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3D digitizer - Microscribe 3D

3D digitizer - Microscribe 3D
3D digitizer - Microscribe 3D
3D digitizer - Microscribe 3D
3D digitizer - Microscribe 3D
3D digitizer - Microscribe 3D
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3D digitizer - Microscribe 3D
3D digitizer - Microscribe 3D
3D digitizer - Microscribe 3D
3D digitizer - Microscribe 3D
3D digitizer - Microscribe 3D

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3D digitizer - Microscribe 3D
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Portable Measurement System
Accurate. Affordable. Portable. Each MicroScribe MX system provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional coordinate measurement machines (CMMs) for manufactured parts inspection and high-accuracy reverse engineering.

The system supplies metrology-level accuracy in an easy-to-use articulated arm and seamless integration with many popular metrology, reverse engineering, and 3D design software applications. 

The new MicroScribe MX Portable Measurement System supplies CMM functionality. With metrology-level accuracy, this system enables cost-effective inspection of many manufactured parts and reverse engineering projects. Now you can have the 3D data collection efficiency of coordinate measurement systems at an affordable price.

The Right Tool at the Right Price
The MicroScribe MX system can complete measurement jobs faster and with less expense. With the system’s smooth-action, counter-balanced,articulated arm, users can quickly position the stylus into even tight spaces. Optional tips further support fast and accurate measurement of many parts and materials.

Often it is not necessary to spend time converting data, because the system seamlessly integrates with many measurement and inspection software packages. Unlike other CMMs that provide limited third-party software integration, MicroScribe technology frees you to choose the software that’s right for your business.

In addition, an available software developer’s kit (SDK) provides all the files and information needed to create unique programs and utilities.With the fast operation and ease of use provided by the MicroScribe MX system, you can do more projects in house and help avoid the increased costs and protracted turnaround associated with outsourcing.

Highly Accurate and Easy to Use
Highly Accurate and Easy to Use MicroScribe MX systems are calibrated according to Immersion’s Tri-Test Calibration method based on the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ B89.4.22 draft specifications for the performance evaluation of articulated-arm CMMs. All systems ship with two (one master and one working) 20 mm, M4 threaded, 3mm ruby ball tips.

Convenient probe calibration software is provided allowing for user-provided tips and rapid tip swapping. MicroScribe systems are CE and FCC certified, and a one-year limited warranty is standard.Setting up the MicroScribe MX system, even the first time, takes as little as five minutes. Bolt the base to a work surface or set the clamp system wherever you need it.

Software Solutions and Options
Seamless integration with premier reverse engineering and metrology software is available at several levels of support.Visit our Web site for the most up-to-date compatibility list.In addition, MicroScribe Utility Software allows data acquisition for some applications that do not provide native support.

Select features include:


  • Calibration routine lets you calibrate and use most M4 threaded probes
  • Data streaming that lets you collect points automatically at a time or distance you specify
  • Custom reference frame for defining the physical workspace


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